The Upcycle.it! is a project organized by Kulturlabor Trial & Error  (Berlin, Germany) and Ye too ponese (Asturias, Spain).  We are thankful for the financial support of the youth in action programme – JUGEND IN AKTION.

The Youth in Action Programme

Berlin CREW—->

Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V. was founded in 2010 and is a Berlin based collective of designers, craftivists, thinkers, doers, artists and project managers which implement social and cultural projects. By using media, handicrafts and arts as tools, Trial&Error works in local communities and cooperate with other initatives to exchange knowledge and skills and experiment with alternative solutions to common problems.  T&E works with creative activism, sustainability and development of social networks, using principles of D.I.Y,  Open Source Culture and non-formal education.

From the very beginning of the project in 2010 the workshops and the creation of the book was an exciting  process. We formed a small core group, with many cooperative parters to make the project a reality. Finding people with similar ideas, creating new designs, digging in trash bins, preparing workshops, making objects and finding new materials gave us not only this book as a result, but many new close friends, ideas and good experiences. The core team of Upcycle it! Berlin would like to thank everyone who has contributed with their knowledge, time, feedback, organizing skills and inspiration to the project and especially like to give a big thanks to the crew of Open Design City and the staff at Kunststoffe for contributing to this project with a lot of energy, inspiring thoughts and acts.







Asturias CREW —->

Ye Too Ponese was founded in Asturias (northern Spain) in 2004. We are a group of people who want and believe in a participative society in which the citizens are responsible for change. Therefore we have a common motto: Instead of complaining about our reality let´s be active and change it. Our projects and activities are related with development education, youth and children participation, intercultural education, sustainability, creative activism and DIY culture. We believe that empowering people and participation are the best tools for social change.

In 2009 Ye Too Ponese sent out a call to find Asturias trash hunters. Its aim was to form a team interested in tracking down trash together, sharing ideas and creating new objects through upcycling. When they met it was love at first sight. Since then, our professional group is keeping an eye on the streets of Asturias, looking for different materials as a base for workshops that create the recipes that you will find in this manual, but always with the collective desire of making a recycled boat and sailing down the Sella river together.

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