Dr Frankenshtein invites … Toys workshop!

27 Oct
Yo SWeet RubbiSH lovErs,

Trial and error want YoUr KiDs! Real ones or the ones you keep safely
stored in your hearts
...for the next UPCYCLE WORKSHOP experience:

Coming Saturday, 30th of October the lovely MACH-MIT Museum for kiddos
will be a TRIAL&ERROR playground 🙂

The amazing 9th Upcycle.it workshop is baptised...
Come and celebrate with us and bring your kids to make cardboard puzzles,
tetra pack Power Rangers, milk top chessboards, bike break puppets and
much more!!

The workshop is free of entry
but bring some money to get into the museum.

Upcycle it: THE TOY EDITION!
30th October ----------10am-6pm
Mach-Mit Museum
Senefelderstr. 5/6

entry: 4,5o € pro Mensch, ermäßigt 3 €
Kinder unter 3 Jahren frei

Hope to see you there!
Love & Rubbish
The Trial and Error team 🙂

p.s: Any broken unwanted toys lying around? Bring them for doctor


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